1 As the dust begins to settle following yesterday’s massive, sweeping layoffs at Zynga, the extent of the damage is becoming more clear.
2 Remember when Zynga acquired OMGPOP last year for roughly $200M dollars ?
3 I had drinks with a few now ex-Zynga’ers last night, most of whom were surprisingly upbeat about the whole thing.
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@minist: 인수된지 1년여만에 문을 닫은 OMGPop 스튜디오 직원들이 올린 트윗들 http://t.co/xACNxLqJex 인수되기 전까지 참 열심히 하던 친구들이었고,징가가 인수시 좋은 보상을 받은 것으로 들었지만 모쪼록 멋진 회사에서 새로운 출발하길!