1 Twitter has released Vine for Android , bringing the 6-second video sharing service to Google’s mobile OS for the first time.
2 Its launch today should certainly prompt a spike in new users, though just how many remains to be seen.
3 The Vine app is available for Android smartphones right now, and is a free download for anyone running Android 4.0 or higher.
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@eonekook: Twitter Releases Vine For Android Smartphones As It Tops 13M Users http://t.co/jO3t30TqLq @TechCrunch 에서

@metavital: 트위터가 6초 내외의 짧은 동영상을 공유하는 서비스인 Vine의 안드로이드용 앱을 공개했다는 소식 http://t.co/m16S1P9Ioj 지난 1월 iOS용 앱이 공개된 지 약 넉 달만의 일