1 When you’re spreading like wildfire, why douse the flames to make a few bucks?
2 App install ads which let developers pay to get their apps shown in the feed and downloaded have become Facebook’s new darling, so they could make t..
3 User growth in its most important markets like the US, UK, and Canada had slowed to a trickle.
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@eonekook: Grow First, Ads Later: Facebook's Strategy For Desktop, Mobile, And Now Instagram http://t.co/ihuj0Wylg2 @TechCrunch 에서

@mushman1970: "Grow First, Ads Later" 페이스북의 전략을 한마디로 표현한 것이라 할 수 있는데.. 액티브유저 1억명을 돌파한 Instagram에도 그대로 적용할 모양 http://t.co/BVQVxM26ft #wgl

@somewhere_nono: http://t.co/sGhrRNbXbl

그리고 돈은 제품 만드는데 쓰고, 마케팅은 제품 자체로 승부해야....