1 Evernote is going after KakaoTalk’s 90 million registered users by inking a partnership deal with the South Korean messaging giant that would bring ..
2 The messaging app is mostly used by Korean Americans (such as myself), to communicate with friends and family both here and abroad.
3 Despite boasting nearly 4 million users here in the United States, chances are you’ve never heard of KakaoTalk.


에버노트가 메시징앱과 제휴한건 최초라고

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@seoulrain: Evernote Partners With KakaoTalk | TechCrunch http://t.co/edfEVVFhjq 카카오톡에 에버노트 기능 들어갈 거 같네요. 에버노트가 메시징앱과 제휴?한 건 이번이 처음.

@CameronPark: The irony is that I've barely heard of Evernote in the US but been using kakaotalk for a while now. 카톡 bitches! http://t.co/ILaabeKKuf