1 In my previous article , we covered some of HTTP’s basics, such as the URL scheme, status codes and request/response headers.
2 Because secure transactions are so important on the web, a ubiquitous standards-based Public-Key Infrastructure (PKI) effort has been underway for q..
3 These topics are fairly extensive, but we’ll cover the most important bits.
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@developerfarm: "HTTP: 모든 웹 개발자가 꼭 알아야 할 프로토콜 - 2부(HTTP: The Protocol Every Web Developer Must Know – Part 2)" http://t.co/Aihh949G0l

@n0lb00: HTTP: 모든 웹개발자가 알아야할 프로토콜e http://t.co/TW5QgTbN5m 파트2가 나왔네요.

@scor7910: “@n0lb00: HTTP: 모든 웹개발자가 알아야할 프로토콜e http://t.co/dovO8xjfLy 파트2가 나왔네요.”

@nicehide: 모든 웹 개발자가 알아야 할 HTTP.
part1. http://t.co/SiLEcaB51f
part2. http://t.co/6xkuePNIqz