1 WhatsApp CEO Jan Koum was on stage today at the AllThingsD Dive Into Mobile conference in New York City, where he said that the app is now larger th..
2 He wouldn’t say exactly how many the company had, just that it was north of 200 million users.
3 Koum also noted that the messaging app now sees an average of 8 billion inbound, and 12 million outbound messages per day, and with less than 50 eng..
트위터 반응

@minist: WhatsApp이 월 2억명의 사용자,하루 200억건의 메시지 송수신을 기록,'트위터보다 큰' 서비스라고 CEO가 밝혀. 회사는 50명 이내의 엔지니어로 구성되어 있다고. 연 99센트 정액제에도 이탈은 없다고 http://t.co/oFoXjGVVZR

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