1 Presence turns your spare iPhone, iPad, or iPod Touch into a FREE WiFi video camera! It features real-time audio and video streaming, motion detecti..
2 My son has a cat that's hyper so he could speak to him while away if he's acting up.
3 Was going to give it four stars but, hey, it's free so I gave it five.
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@krazyeom: iOS기기를 CCTV로 만들어주는 앱, 굴러다니는 3GS를 사용하면 딱 좋겠네요. People Power Company - Presence by People Power - http://t.co/XQ9hOOB6yS #iTunes

@moon100: 카메라를 활용해 iOS 기기 두 대로 CCTV를 만들 수 있는 앱이 나왔네요.

설정도 간편하고 모션 인식도 되는군요. (via @delight412)

https://t.co/oxBsvmnXHY http://t.co/1Hm3UrCcMj

@CalcuttaRank: [Photo & Video] 구형 아이폰이 CCTV 카메라로 `프리센스(Presence)' http://t.co/qrZxJI4EnW