1 With all of Mark Zuckerberg’s talk about Facebook Home’s focus on people over apps , it’s easy to forget that Facebook holds something else above ev..
2 Facebook is set to suck up 30 percent of mobile ad dollars this year , so obviously, advertising will be a core part of its plans with Home.
3 While Facebook is being uncharacteristically candid with its responses so far, it’s tough to see how it couldn’t be.
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@minist: 페이스북 발표후 Q&A에서 페이스북 홈의 커버 피드에 광고가 실릴 것이냐는 질문에 마크 주커버그가 직접적으로 ‘그렇다’고 답변. 폰 락스크린에 광고가 나오는 경험은 그리 유쾌할 것 같진 않군요; http://t.co/A3jOWwIxlQ