1 According to sources, Twitter co-founder Biz Stone is close to launching a new startup called Jelly, which one person called a “native mobile” effort.
2 While it’s not clear exactly what that means, sources said the well-known entrepreneur has already hired four or five employees to form a team on th..
3 It’s an interesting move, since Stone is also running a small incubator called Obvious with one of his Twitter co-founders, Ev Williams.
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@kwang82: 트위터 공동창업자 비즈 스톤이 "젤리(Jelly)"라는 새로운 스타트업을 곧 런칭한다고 올씽스D의 카라 스위서가 보도. (http://t.co/o4cqYV1a2h) 폰/태블릿 관련 제품을 만들기 위해 4, 5명 채용했다고.