1 Having worked with programmers with an extreme variance in skills, I sometimes get the feeling that there is an big lack of good programmers but whe..
2 So I started thinking about all the lines on which we can evaluate a programmer, here’s what I have so far…
3 After having spent a whole afternoon on this I realize that even this is not comprehensive, this matrix is more biased towards non-visual programmer..
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@minjangk: Programmer Competency Matrix http://t.co/v437NOVcSt 깔끔한 정리인듯?

@papa_coding_bot: 멘붕을 부르고, 닭집을 고민하게 하는 프로그래머 경쟁력 테스트. RT @minjangk: Programmer Competency Matrix http://t.co/rjso00vJTb 깔끔한 정리인듯?

@nalm: 커뮤니케이션 부분은 참 명쾌! 어디에 킵해 두지? (Programmer Competency Matrix) http://t.co/R1IWKPd42Y

@booiljoung: 프로그래머 역량표. http://t.co/yjPMlPni7m 표가 이상하다. 레벨 2~3정도는 되어야 현업에서 개발이 가능한데...