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2 A study by BCG Perspectives shows that “most, if not all, households throughout the country own a television, even those at the bottom of the pyrami..
3 If KakaoTalk’s association with Korea proves to be successful, and Indonesian remember KakaoTalk when they think of Korea, then it will be a big boo..
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@dsuh9: 인니에서 카톡이 진행하는 TV CF에 대한 긍정적 기사. 인니는 아직 인터넷 보급율 24%이지만 TV는 누구나 가지고 있고, 라인/위챗보다 강력한 인니 스타와 빅뱅을 동원해서라고. http://t.co/Sl3yrIsVHD