1 A lot of headlines have focused on the new Galaxy S4 as a potential iPhone challenger in terms of hype and mindshare, but mobile ad firm Velti offer..
2 Android tablets as a whole account for only 0.7 percent, according to Velti, with the iPad making up 97.5 percent, with its share mostly shifting fr..
3 Samsung’s Galaxy S4 will be watched for a number of reasons, but it may be most interesting to see if it can help sway the needle with mobile advert..
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@EdgeKim: 아이폰은 죽지 않았다 http://t.co/l4EYzZgWi0

@hananplaza: 안드로이드 폰이 많이 팔려도 모바일 광고 관련 점유율은 iOS가 크게 리드한다는 조사결과 http://t.co/UeDcuSl5fG

@segaoni: 2013년, 1분기 중 2월까지 모바일 광고 비교. iOS가 역시 갑이군요. [출처: 테크크런치]