1 Facebook risked driving users away by showing more ads in the news feed last year, but to Mark Zuckerberg’s surprise, a big increase in their presen..
2 Users are staying loyal, which during the 2012 Q4 earnings call Zuckerberg called a sign of the value Facebook provides.
3 The real feat would be if Facebook could make its ads so helpful for discovering apps and products that users who see them actually use the service ..
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@jiman_yoon: 페이스북 뉴스피드에 뜨는 광고가 사용자를 성가시게 하진 않는다는 놀라운 얘기. 정확히 말하면 광고 때문에 페북을 사용하지 않는 사람은 없다는건데… 지금보다 많아지면 관두는 사람이 있을지도 -ㅅ-;;; http://t.co/qiWIAIHy