1 In case you weren’t sure that Silicon Valley had moved beyond from consumer web companies, take a look at the top five finalists for the best overal..
2 We’re delighted that such a centrally important company has taken home the biggest award this year, and we’re excited to see what it does from here ..
3 Only one is even a purely consumer service — and Instagram’s photo-sharing app is mobile-oriented at that.

베스트 뉴 스타트업은 cousera 코세라~ 오픈 교육 서비스.. 예네 비즈 모델은 아마 자격증 이런거 되지 않을까 추측

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@parkto: Github이 인스타그램, 스퀘어 다 제끼고 '올해의 스타트업' 먹었군요. http://t.co/n53rahi6 "May The Fork Be With You!"

@enamu: "@parkto: Github이 인스타그램, 스퀘어 다 제끼고 '올해의 스타트업' 먹었군요. http://t.co/dGiDROon "May The Fork Be With You!"" 내년엔 baas.io 겠죠!?