1 Marissa Mayer’s Yahoo is in the process of acquiring a startup to help its efforts to become a destination for content .
2 It’s especially important since the old big-traffic deals that Yahoo could strike based on their portal power have become supplanted by marketers lo..
3 Yahoo is expected to announce this week that it has acquired Snip.it , a Pinterest-like site for article curation, according to sources familiar wit..
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@jimmyrim: 야후가 컨텐츠 큐레이션 서비스 인수한다고 Yahoo Poised to Acquire Content Curation Site Snip.it http://t.co/LMR7nyrW

@CuriousPaul: http://t.co/8eax2aZP 만들면서 참고도 많이하고 연락도 꽤 주고받은 팀인데, 큐레이션개발사들의 좋은 선사례를 보여주는 군요 RT @jimmyrim: 야후가 컨텐츠 큐레이션 서비스 스닙잇을 인수한다고 http://t.co/gnHBoFzr

@wkchoi: 야후, Pinterest와 비슷한 사이트 Snip.it 인수