1 Today we’re announcing Graph Search , a new way for people to navigate their connections to people and content on Facebook.
2 For example, say you’re doing a story on a specific company and you’re looking to interview someone who works at the company in their New York offic..
3 It will also make it easier to learn about places and interests that are not only tied to friends but also public figures and pages.
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@capcold: 페북, 마침내 검색기능을 출시했는데 Graph Search라고, 구글식 텍스트검색이라기보다는 관계망과 태그를 훑어내는 방식. 어떻게 써먹을수 있는지 관련 안내들이 분야별로 나와있는데, 언론 기자 편: https://t.co/acXxibKB