1 Save-for-later service Pocket reported today that it has seen 240 million total items saved to its platform during 2012, from 7.4 million followers.
2 Pocket also provides a glimpse into platform popularity: the computer was actually the most popular device for viewing at 28 percent of all views, s..
3 The Michael Lewis Vanity Fair profile of President Barack Obama was the most-saved article for the year, which was saved a lot shortly following its..
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@purengom: Pocket Sees 240M Saves In 2012 From 7.4M Users, Obama And Gangnam Style Most-Saved Items 지겹기까지한... http://t.co/Cl6vckzC

@startup_bot: Pocket - 2012년 이용자 수 740만. 저장 항목은 2억4000 만건. 오바마와 강남스타일이 가장 많이 저장됨 http://t.co/nnEboUAl