1 Hudson introduces River Trail, a JavaScript parallel programming API enabling a JavaScript developer to take advantage of the hardware’s parallel co..
2 Eric Burke discusses: why building visual interfaces, design guidelines for Android apps, and an example.
3 Serkan Piantino discusses news feeds at Facebook: the basics, infrastructure used, how feed data is stored, and Centrifuge – a storage solution.
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@ppassa: Square의 Android 개발자의 특강(?) http://t.co/mVdyb5i3 Android framework의 몇가지 특징과 한계를 콕 짚어 주고 이렇게 하라고 전도해주시네요. Android SDK를 잠깐이라도 써본 분은 크게 공감하실 듯

@rookiecj: Android Activty lifecycle관련 이슈를 해결하기 위한 라이브러리들 Android App Anatomy http://t.co/go8hApks