1 Life as a Web developer can be hard when things start going wrong.
2 One of the most useful features of Siege is that it can take a file of URLs as an input, and then hit those URLs rather than just a single page.
3 Unfortunately it doesn’t automatically set up forwarding for you like sshuttle does, so after starting mitmproxy you still need to change your syste..
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@xguru: 개발자를 위한 강력한 커맨드라인툴 들 추천 http://t.co/sTC8yWMt Curl/NGrep/Netcat/Sshuttle/Siege/Mitmproxy

@sangkwonlim: @myen RT @xguru: 개발자를 위한 강력한 커맨드라인툴 들 추천 http://t.co/udDc5mmP Curl/NGrep/Netcat/Sshuttle/Siege/Mitmproxy