1 Facebook added a search box to its App Center today, but what it might do next is more interesting.
2 The best approximation was searching in the site-wide search engine which would pull up app profile pages in App Center as results.
3 Facebook could soon let developers pay to buy search keyword ads in the App Center search typeahead, similar to the specific name ads in its site-wi..
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@facejab: 흥미로운 시도군. 앱센터에 키워드 광고를 넣다니..60만개 넘는다는 앱에 상위 노출이라..#fb http://t.co/jRU9BkxE by

@startup_bot: Facebook, App Center 에 검색 기능을 발표. AdWords 방식의 검색 광고 도입하나 http://t.co/sYsw9kBQ