1 YouTube just announced that it is changing its search ranking algorithm to highlight videos that keep viewers engaged.
2 Previous to this, smart video producers had noticed that YouTube would reward clicks more than actual views, so they would ensure that their video t..
3 Earlier this year, the company already explained its focus on ‘watch time.” When it updated its suggested videos algorithm, YouTube noted that it di..
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@xavier8604: 유투브의 검색랭킹 알고리즘에 "시청시간" 도 반영이 될 것 이라고 하네요~ http://t.co/nU1FO4Su

@artofwar11: [유튜브마케팅] 클릭&타임, To Focus On Engagement, Not Just Clicks http://t.co/1lQJQZ8q

@startup_bot: YouTube가 검색결과 랭킹 알고리즘을 변경. 단순클릭보다 실제 시청을 우대 http://t.co/YdYXiexL

@shaderoflove: YouTube가 검색 결과의 순위 알고리즘을 변경하고 클릭보다 실제 시청을 우대 http://t.co/EEuRq2Ks 다케시마,우산도(독도)=竹嶼(죽서,죽도_울릉군),러스크 서한,밴 플리트 특명 보고서,k-pop,한국군 위안부,기미가요 마루 #kpop