1 Update : More background by Ikai Lan, who worked on the mobile server team at LinkedIn, says some facts were left out : the app made "a cross data c..
2 This means the application may request from the server all content matching a set of filters updated since a provided timestamp in order to refresh ..
3 We have a rewrite, a change of stack, and a change of logic distribution between the server and the client, so there's plenty of room to argue where..
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@xguru: 링크드인이 모바일앱용 백엔드를 Rails에서 Node로 변경후 서버를 30->3대로 줄였음에도 특정부분에선 20x 빠르게 동작한다고 http://t.co/NYuKJ7fn 전적으로 신뢰하진 말것. 글 앞링크처럼 데이터센터간 연결부분이 문제였던게 큼