1 Some developers are complaining that since the introduction of the Chomp-inspired App Store redesign in iOS 6, sales have noticeably dropped .
2 This is now an app’s biggest selling point so choose it wisely.
3 In fact, users just taking a quick glance are now more likely to read the “What’s New” update information which appears just below the short descrip..
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@jjins: Five Big Changes In The iOS 6 App Store (And What Developers Should Do) http://t.co/uIyDCwNX @techcrunch 에서

@startup_bot: iOS 6 앱스토어의 큰 변화 5가지 (+앱 개발자들이 해야할 일): (1)검색결과가 횡스크롤 카드 방식 (2)이름 잘림 등등 http://t.co/z1lSk1rr

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