1 Amid all the recent brouhaha over why Craigslist has failed to improve for so long (in part leading to frustrated developers building things) the en..
2 Ltd, a provider of HR and information services based in Japan, has acquired Indeed.com , a highly trafficked jobs site best known in North America.
3 One of those is the more formal recruitment industry – and today Recruit Co.
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@estima7: 일본의 리쿠르트사가 http://t.co/PQXNR1EM을 인수. http://t.co/J3BIVCle 인디드는 잡서치에 있어서는 꽤 잘나가는 온라인회사. 요즘 일본회사들이 꽤 적극적으로 미국인터넷기업 M&A나서는듯. 인수가는 1조쯤 될 듯.