1 The startup Duolingo has found a way to make free foreign language learning profitable.
2 Like many other online learning sites, Duolingo has embraced the gamification model of language learning--its students are rewarded with points and ..
3 Before launching Duolingo, von Ahn was best known for helping to develop the ubiquitous CAPTCHA tests found online and for developing reCAPTCHA in 2..
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@hiconcep: 전 세계 여러 나라의 언어를 손쉽게 배우는 플랫폼 Duolingo가 1500만 달러 펀딩을 완료. 애시턴 커처가 투자해서 더 유명해졌죠. 외국어 배우는 교육부분 시장의 성장가능성을 보여준다는 - http://t.co/DHdmDFWI