1 When I heard this morning that NHN Japan’s Line had recently surpassed 60 million users (with 28 million in Japan), I wasn’t really very surprised.
2 The company hits these milestones quite regularly, given its frantic growth rate.
3 But what’s more interesting is that the company made over 300 million yen (over $3.8 million) in its stamp/sticker shop for the month of August, acc..
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@kelvindonghokim: NHN 라인앱 - 일본에서 스티커샵 매출만 월 40억 RT @Techinasia Japan's Line App Earns $3.8 Million From Sticker Shop in August http://t.co/dNBE1GXV

@emotionist: 상당히 반가운 소식! 일본 시장의 힘은 소비자들의 지불성향에 있는 것 같습니다. @kelvindonghokim NHN 라인앱 - 일본에서 스티커샵 매출만 월 40억 http://t.co/8xI0RGcD