1 I was driving home today after participating in our interview and photoshoot with G4’s Candace Bailey (Whoops! Now you know one of our upcoming feat..
2 To my surprise, the next song was none other than internet sensation PSY’s “Gangnam Style”! It’s amazing that out of all the superstars of K-pop , l..
3 Seeing how much “Gangnam Style” has blown up since its release on YouTube back in July 15, NMR thought that it’d be cool to enlist our friends from ..
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@likelink_kr: 싸이 강남스타일의 바이럴리티에 대한 인포그래픽 (Visualizing the Virality of PSY's 'Gangnam Style') http://t.co/lTJqwikj

@tiumbooks: 싸이, 강남스타일의 바이럴리티에 대한 인포그래픽 입니다.
째진 눈에 썩소... 참 인상적입니다. ^^ http://t.co/9C5LiVRL