1 A month ago history reset with the second launch of Digg v1 , and memories are starting to fade since much of the Digg team joined SocialCode four m..
2 This system for reviewing, testing and deploying code was--to my mind anyway--the most important and successful piece of developing code at Digg.
3 For better or worse--by which I mean entirely for the worse--there isn't a standard high-performance Python thrift server, so we ended up spending a..
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@xguru: Digg v4 의 아키텍쳐와 프로세스 http://t.co/Lh2RLjAC 40명에서 14명으로의 조직 구조의 변화/코드리뷰와 Continuous Deployment/Thrift활용 및 새 기능의 AB 테스팅 등에 대한 상세설명. 재밌네요