1 A team from the University of Birmingham has won Nokia's Mobile Data Challenge with an algorithm that can predict where you'll be in 24 hours.
2 The software, developed by Mirco Musolesi, Manlio Domenico, and Antonio Lima, combines with data from the people in your phone book.
3 By looking at how someone's movements correlate with those of other people that they know, the algorithm can make guesses about where that person is..
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@redearnews: 이 알고리즘은 당신이 24시간 후에 어디에 있을지를 20미터 오차 안에서 예측합니다. 기존의 휴대폰 위치 기록에 더해 전화번호부에 있는 다른 사람들의 데이터를 더했더니 평소와 다른 곳을 가더라도 예상이 가능: http://t.co/c0FvVFlV