1 Chronological and real-time consumption of content just doesn't work anymore.
2 However it happens, personally I'm convinced that topic pages are going to become ever more important in this unruly Web.
3 The above Medium collection is based around a fairly broad theme - places you've been to and loved - but remember that Medium is a brand new service..
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@pixpix: 트위터 창업자 EV, YouTube 창업자였던 Chad가 비슷한 시기에 각각 medium과 zeen이라는 비슷한 컨셉의 서비스 물밑 가동중이라는 사실을 알고 읽으면 무서운 기사 - http://t.co/quvoaBf6

@jjins: Why Topic Pages Are The Next Big Thing by @ricmacnz http://t.co/FVdsPmqk @RWW 에서