1 With the highly controversial London 2012 Olympic logo soon to be gone from our billboards and television screens once and for all, we decided to ta..
2 So here you have it, a run down of logos, spanning a price spectrum of $0 to $211 million USD.
3 The cost of this re-branding procedure?
트위터 반응

@jinto: 나이키 로고는 $35, 트위터로고는 $6, 펩시로고는 $1000000 http://t.co/LPuI1xcq

@jinto: 엑센추어 로고는 $100000000 이라는데, 디자인 안한것 같지만, 이유가 그럴 듯. http://t.co/LPuI1xcq

@likelinkUX: 유명 로고들의 비용 (The Cost Of A Logo) 나이키:$35, 트위터:$6, 펩시:$1,000,000 http://t.co/B5e0B61v #uxkr