1 Max Sklar talks about machine learning at Foursquare, the use of Bayesian Statistics and other methods to build Foursquare's recommendation system a..
2 Max : But in terms of the algorithm, you know, this means that the algorithm has to be pretty seamless as well; so it`s got to be fast and it`s got ..
3 Yes, huge changes; so the first part that I mentioned, the part of the ‘Explore algorithm`, where you haven`t typed in any query, it`s just find thi..
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@startup_bot: [infoQ동영상] 포스퀘어의 기계학습 (베이지안 통계 등의 방법으로 추천시스템 등의 개인화 구현) Max Sklar on Machine Learning at Foursquare http://t.co/XjnVKw7e