1 Dunkin Donuts is following in the footsteps of rival Starbucks with the launch of its first mobile app , allowing users to pay for coffee and donuts..
2 Dunkin Donuts’ mobile payment system, which is available at most of its 7,000 U.S.
3 The app, available for iOS and Android, creates a virtual Dunkin Donuts card, which can be filled by transferring the value of an existing physical ..

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@heisjo: 던킨 도너츠도 스타벅스에 이어 모바일 결제 전쟁 속으로

@startup_bot: 던킨도너츠도 모바일결제 경쟁에 참여 (Dunkin Donuts gets into the mobile payment game) http://t.co/CuezYdme