1 A decade ago, Napster's attempt to set music free was crushed by the music labels.
2 “We’re trying to make something so that people can learn stuff from their friends and can share with them and express themselves.” But users may not..
3 “I was like, wow, this person has built a really cool music product and also understands how you can integrate social things in it.” Within a day, Z..
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@goodhyun: "페이스북이 그런 서비스를 독자적으로 만드는 일은 절대 없어" 주커버그는 말했다. "다양한 분야에서 끝내주는 체험을 만들어 줄 개발자 생태계를 실현하고 싶으니까." http://t.co/rGyhRGZy