1 To follow this article you required basic idea of how to use Vim and its command based editing.
2 So on this article I'm trying to explain how to setup Vim as a common IDE for different programming languages.
3 The documentation is very huge, so Vim provides search option across all its documentation.
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@iamkimtree: Vim을 IDE로 활용하는 방법! 주로 다양한 플러그인 사용에 대한 예인데, 굉장한 플러그인이 많다는걸 이제 깨달았네요. #dev http://t.co/StTCpjlx

@gsryu: 이클립스보다 나을려나? 이클립스도 파이선이나 C 지원 하는거 같던데..RT @munhoney: Vim as your IDE http://t.co/C987Q7xU via @zite