1 Just about a month ago, Microsoft officially announced its Bing Fund angel fund and incubator program.
2 Pinion, says Sood, almost went broke three times before joining the Bing Fund.
3 Today, Bing Fund announced that it has enrolled its first two companies: app development service Buddy and Pinion , an advertising service with a fo..
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@hiconcep: MS의 Bing 펀드가 처음으로 투자한 두 스타트업은 앱개발 서비스인 Buddy와 게임 커뮤니티에 대한 광고서비스 Pinion. 앞으로 어떤 스타트업들에 투자할지 주목되네요 - http://t.co/1MF1vOsV