1 I'm just saying that by any sane metric, Gendo Ikari is the best dad in the universe.
2 In other news; the comic collaboration I've been working on with Blue Rose artist, Henry Huang, should be going live today.
3 It's called SLICE! , and it's about sword fights and pizza delivery.
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@hongminhee: 에반게리온 보고 나만 이렇게 생각하는 건 아니었군 http://t.co/mEM2z7rG

@tomato4you: ㅋㅋㅋㅋ배 찢어지네 오늘 아침에 왜케 빵빵 터지냨ㅋㅋ “@hongminhee: 에반게리온 보고 나만 이렇게 생각하는 건 아니었군 http://t.co/wlNVgi1X”

@cookgus: http://t.co/CX5f44u6 에바에 대한 비평적 관점이 다른 양키들.