1 Facebook’s mobile risk has turned into an opportunity for application developers.
2 The units run on a CPC model, so app developers can set a daily budget and bid for clicks through to Apple’s App Store or Google Play.
3 While the additional mobile revenue won’t be enough to magically return the company to a valuation of $100 billion or more, it should provide invest..
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@hiconcep: 페이스북의 모바일 위기의 해결책은 앱 개발자들에게 제공할 ad unit 이라고 하는군요. 느낌이 구글의 애드센스와 비슷. 앱 개발사와 공유한다는 측면에서. 현재 테스트 중 - http://t.co/b7b9ScwD