1 It’s an interesting time for the real estate industry in the United States.
2 So, this is a great trend for us and we welcome it… most other companies aren’t so lucky.”
3 Last quarter was the first time that more homes were viewed on Zillow through a mobile device or a tablet than on a desktop.
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@likelinkBiz: 부동산 서비스인 Zillow 대표 Spencer Rascoff: 우리는 PC보다 모바일에서 더 많은 돈을 만들 수 있다. http://t.co/F71t6RBZ

@zerosum81: @jimmyrim 부동산 정보 시장도 모바일 바람! zillow 데스크탑PC보다 모바일에서의 monetization을 더 비중있게 보네요.