1 It’s been around a month since I looked at how mobile messaging apps are challenging social network s, and the difference between the two just got a..
2 As I wrote back at the start of July, Facebook is targeting emerging markets and mobile-based users but, with the likes of Line rapidly expanding th..
3 The service, which supports free messages and voice calls between users, has added a Facebook profile-like ‘Home’ feature and ‘Timeline’ to help use..
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@jung127: 외신에서도 NHN의 라인에 대한 기사가 점차 많이 보입니다. 페이스북 타임라인과 유사한 기능을 선보이며 소셜성격을 늘렸다는 보도. 라인이 NHN 모바일사업의 앵커플랫폼이 될것 같네요. RT @TheNextWeb http://t.co/xpUYu0KD

@dsuh_: TNW, LINE때문에 페이스북/Path의 일본,동남아 진출 어려울 수 있어.. RT @patwon: LINE, messenger app which can absorb Facebook and Path!!! http://t.co/cRrXSGSc