1 Charlie Hunt explains what can be done to lower the latency introduced by the Java GC and JIT, including coding tips, and introducing tools for tuni..
2 Robert Winch explains how to secure a multi-tenant application with Spring Security and how to enable OAuth 2.
3 Rich Hickey and Justin Sheehy talk about scalability and transactionability of datastores.
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@xguru: Extreme Performance with Java http://t.co/SnhepAEM 개발자가 성능을 위해 알아야할 GC/JIT/관련 툴들을 설명. Java Performance 책 저자의 1시간 강의와 68페이지 슬라이드

@cooljoseph: Extreme Performace with Java . 강사:Charlie Hunt 세일즈 포스 닷컴 아키텍트라는 데, 과연.. http://t.co/azb6owpD