1 When writing a Web application from scratch, it’s easy to feel like we can get by simply by relying on a DOM manipulation library (like jQuery ) and..
2 Ember makes so many small decisions for you it’s by far the easiest way to build a client-side application these days.
3 Part of this problem is fueled by how different JavaScript developers interpret how a scalable JavaScript application should be organized — MVC?
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@xguru: 자바스크립트 MVC 정글로의 여행 http://t.co/r4z3MSGG 요즘의 MV* 추세를 설명하고, 어떤 프레임웍을 쓸 것인가에 대한 상세가이드와 각 프레임웍들의 장단점까지 잘 정리되어있습니다

@cooljoseph: Javascript MVC 프레임워크 정글로의 여행. 굉장히 상세한 글. 꼼꼼하게 읽어봐야 할 듯. http://t.co/JOo4bdkE