1 just reported its second quarter earnings.
2 Ebersmann says FB will increase the number of sponsored stories, can target them better, can increase demand by selling them better.
3 If it ever does become that big (an increasingly absurd notion) it won't be because of its current ads business, that's for sure.
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@minist: 페이스북이 실적발표를 시작. 예상치보다 다소 높은 11.8억불 매출,광고매출도 예상보다 많이 높은 9.92억불을 기록. 월 액티브 유저는 9.55억명,일 액티브는 5.52억명,모바일 사용자는 5.43억명 http://t.co/eT8ymgeI