1 (Zynga), is a provider of social game services with 240 million average monthly active users over 175 countries.
2 The Company develops, markets and operates online social games as live services played over the Internet and on social networking sites and mobile p..
3 The Company’s games are accessible on Facebook, other social networks and mobile platforms to players globally, wherever and whenever they want.
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@jimmyrim: IPO하고 $16정도까지 갔던 Zynga의 주가가 $5대로 폭락. 시총으로 봐도 겨우 4조원 수준. 기업가치는 실적에 수렴하기 마련이라는 진리를 또 다시 확인 http://t.co/GxPcvGlZ

@likelinkBiz: IPO하고 $16정도까지 갔던 Zynga의 주가가 $5대로 폭락. 시총 4조원 http://t.co/YbuiLYw3