1 This goes along with a talk I gave at Django-NYC in July 2012, but is meant to stand on its own.
2 The series will cover what I covered in the talk, but it’s too big for a single blog post, so I’m breaking it up into a series of posts that will go..
3 Over the next week or so, I’ll fill in that outline with links to the individual posts, so if you want to bookmark this one, it’s not a bad place to..
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@iamkimtree: 웹에서 보안을 위한 팁들. 주로 Django 기반의 설명이지만, 내용 자체는 보편적이라 다른 곳에도 쉽게 적용 가능할 것 같습니다. 현재는 비밀번호 저장 방식과 XSS에 대한 글만 조회 가능. #dev http://t.co/PycI8xeN