1 I was in charge of scaling Dropbox for a while, from roughly 4,000 to 40,000,000 users.
2 Or if you’re going to cache something out of the database, simulate the effects and tally up the hits so you can justify spending time worrying abou..
3 If you have something that you know can fail at any point, and you think the failover will be graceful, you should actually test this every so often.
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@Minkoo: Scaling at dropbox. 서버에 로드를 추가로 가하는건 좋은 아이디어네요. 또 편견과 달리 graceful failover는 오히려 해가될수 있음. http://t.co/Ku94iHrf

@iamkimtree: 한 엔지니어가 드랍박스의 Scalability를 만들며 배운 것들에 대한 정리. extra load 부분은 굉장히 색다르네요. #dev http://t.co/kUOuXyeL

@jrogue: 확장성을 높이려면 상상력이 중요하다. http://t.co/LGWIPV6d