1 Frustrated by how difficult it is to collaborate on decision-making over e-mail, AdMob founder Omar Hamoui today launched Maybe , a startup that sim..
2 People are currently using the service to find the best wedding shoes and the best iPad case , but really you can ask just about anything.
3 Maybe is like a strange hybrid of Q&A sites like Quora, image board Pinterest, and opinion social network Thumb .
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@JoSanKu: “@VentureBeat: Making decisions is hard, AdMob founder's new startup 'Maybe' aims to fix that http://t.co/AQ3hH685” 재미난 개념: 쿼라+핀터레스트+Thumb

@startup_bot: Maybe - 애드몹 파운더의 새로운 스타트업. '의사결정'을 도와주는 서비스. Quora+핀터레스트+Thumb http://t.co/1b591my9