1 Have you thought of using social media contests and sweepstakes to build and engage your audience?
2 This is the most important tip when it comes to marketing.
3 The guidelines have evolved, but the most important requirement remains the same: any promotion (i.e., something where a consumer enters for a chanc..
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@a5021004: 8 Tips for Running Social Media Promotions | Social Media Examiner http://t.co/QZnDojfx 소셜미디어 프로모션팁, 선공유^^

@vitamihee: 소셜미디어 프로모션을 성공시키는 8가지팁. Marketing Objectives를 명확히 설정하고 Target Audience를 파악하는 것 부터 시작.
무엇보다 참여방법의 단순화와 Target... http://t.co/YLxDivaT