1 We’ve heard previous reports that North Korea was building their own PCs , but a more recent report out of the South Korean Dong-a Ilbo newspaper su..
2 So essentially, it’s a tablet named after a location named after a lake trio.
3 There is, however, an encyclopedia, games, eBooks and a map service .
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@hellosamyoo: 누구를 위해 만들었을지 궁금?? RT @TechCrunch: North Korea Is Allegedly Building Its Own Tablet, The Samjiyeon http://t.co/2oiMmum9 by @jordanrcrook

@inbaelee: 메이드 인 북한 태블릿 http://t.co/9YaEc73T

@philkooyoon: (동아일보에도 나왔겠지만) 텍크런치가 소개하는 북한이 제작중인 태블릿 http://t.co/qMPYZj7c 댓글들이 더 재미있음.

@leedh0101: 북한에서 쌈지연이라는 Tablet을 자체 기술로 개발 했다고라 ??!!: http://t.co/k0BrNwyF