1 Stop the dadgum presses! Googler Louis Gray just told us about a new Google+ feature that you won’t read about anywhere else.
2 With History API-enabled apps, you’ll be able to browse through your Google+-linked accounts on a range of social services and apps — Gray mentioned..
3 Called Google+ History, this new API will let you add past statuses, updates, purchases, pictures, and more to you personal Google+ timeline from a ..
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@hiconcep: 의외로 파장이 클 것 같은 것은 구글+ History API 입니다. 구글 ID로 발행한 개인의 글과 업데이트, 거래자료, 사진 등을 다양한 소셜/모바일 서비스에서 가져오게 할 수 있다는 - http://t.co/Uxwa0u0x

@hkcheol: 개인정보보호에 이슈가 많을 것 같은 Google+ History API will bring in your past updates from around the web | VentureBeat: http://t.co/vbo1jvzP